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Suriname has an estimated 94.7% of its forests still intact, which makes it percentage-wise the most forested country in the world. These forests, including the forests of La Prospérité, are home to various plant and animal species. To protect our nature and its inhabitants, we decided to preserve the landscape of la Prospérité and its original character as much as possible. 


However, the deforestation taking place on Suriname is a serious threat. A lot of our beautiful forests are disappearing because of urbanization and agriculture. According to the Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control deforestation in Suriname has quadrupled since 2009. The Amazon Conservation Team has made a time-lapse by means of Google Earth. The time-lapse clearly shows how fast large parts of Suriname are deforested. 

Gold mining

Gold mining however, is an even bigger threat to our nature reserves at the moment. Harmful metals such as mercury are used when mining for gold. If this mercury ends up in our food chain, this may have serious consequences for the eco systems in Suriname. These eco systems are the main source of food, in terms of fish, fruits and game, for the local population.  It is also important to know that the water from the La Prospérité is used as drinking water in Suriname. We must therefore prevent this water from being polluted by gold mining at all times. It is an absolute necessity that the area of La Prospérité is kept in its original state. 

Green economy

To protect Suriname’s nature from the adverse impact of deforestation and gold mining, we have thought up a plan to green the economy by means of , amongst others, tourism, sustainable forest management and awareness programs for inhabitants and other interested parties. We want to show the Surinamese people how beautiful and worthwhile our nature is. 

We need your support!

Please support us in preserving the overwhelming nature of La Prospérité and hence the beautiful country of Suriname. Come and take part in one of our tours and see for yourself how important the preservation of this area is. 

You can also support us by making a donation.