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Come and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of La Prospérité and stay overnight in the charming town of Bersaba!

During the long rainy season of 2015 we took stock of the various birds and amphibians that live on La Prospérité. We identified 118 different species of birds and 19 different sorts of amphibian. You can also find a lot of other animals in this area, such as raptors, kinkajous, caimans, monkeys, panthers, snakes and a wide variety of butterflies. Also the flora of this area is worth while exploring and studying, because of its great diversity. The vast swamps, creeks, tropical rain forest and secondary lowland forest are part of La Prospérité and are home to all those beautiful animals and plants. La Prospérité Tours has a lot to offer for the true nature lover!

You can find pictures of the animals that were spotted at La Prospérité the last couple of months under Wildlife  Do you prefer to experience our beautiful surroundings first hand and would you like to see all those animals and plants in the wild? Book one of our tours.



Kreek Tour

Jungle Tour

Why La Prospérité Tours?

  • Situated only 50 km from Paramaribo 
  • Unique surroundings, completely different from what the interior of Suriname has to offer 
  • Vast swamps abundant with life 
  • A lot of cultural heritage - Bersaba 
  • Experienced guides who can tell you all about the bio diversity of this area 
  • We offer an experience you will never forget!