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La Prospérité is situated close to Bersaba, which is a 10 km drive from Zanderij Airport and 50 km from Paramaribo (capital of Suriname). The former timber plantation was founded over 300 years ago. More than 130 years ago nine former slaves bought the plantation. Since then, their families have acquired more land and the plantation now covers more than 4000 hectares.

Nearby Bersaba consists almost entirely of descendants of those former slaves. La Prospérité  contains not more than 100 inhabitants and offers several lodging possibilities. The beautiful wooden church founded by the Evangelistic Brothers Community in the nineteenth century is certainly worth a visit.

La Prospérité is situated in the tropical lowlands of Suriname and contains secondary forests, swamps and creeks. The area has four seasons:
* The long rainy season – from May to August
* The short dry season – from August to November
* The short rainy season – from November to March
* The long dry season – from March to May

The remains of an old railway run through the forest of La Prospérité.  In the past it connected Zanderij to Paamaribo. Because of the high altitude of the railway the inhabitants of Bersaba still use it for hunting and to manage their agricultural plots. Two generations ago all inhabitants of La Prospérité  had a plot to grow their own food. Now only a couple of those plots remain. However, they are still extensively used. Several of those plots are situated at La Prospérité.

La Prospérité borders the Coropina Creek. The north side of the Creek consists of swamps and some primary tropical rain forest. The south side consists of secondary forest with a dense forest edge. The villagers of Bersaba use the creek for fishing and hunting. In the weekends those villagers and the tourists also come here to relax and swim.

As you can see, La Prospérité not only offers beautiful nature, but also a rich cultural heritage. It is absolutely worth a visit!