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Creek Tour

Descent the creek in a small boat and experience Suriname to the fullest. When the evening sun at the evening tour sets behind the palms and fruit bearing trees, the monkeys show their faces. Five of the eight monkey species living in Suriname, can be found on La Prospérité: the grey/green squirrel monkey, brown capuchin monkey, Guianese howler monkey, red-handed tamarin and the rather strange-looking white-faced Saki.

The harpy eagle, king of the South American rain forest, also rules the forests of La Prospérité. This giant bird apparently feeds on the large number of monkeys that live here. In the evening and at night you can also spot the different kinds of bats that show themselves when foraging above the creek. While watching them, you can listen to the croaking of the frogs. And be surprised by the mysterious kinkajous, which live around the creek. That creek also draws a lot of different birds, such as parakeets, parrots and macaws. And also the great potoo is a welcome guest at La Prospérité.


During the tours you will be guided by a professional guide. This may either be a resident of La Prospérité, who has spent his/her whole life on the former plantation and therefore knows a lot about life here. Or your guide is a biologist, who is researching or has researched the area. In both cases, you are guided by very experienced guides, who can tell you a lot about the area and its inhabitants. They can answer all of your questions. 

The swamp borders the creek and fills with water in the rainy season. During this season, the swamp is home to various sorts of fish, which are an important food source to the spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) and the different sorts of birds, such as the black-collared hawk (Busarellus nigricollis).

The creek tour is offered final after removing the recent vegetation -> COMING SOON!



In the rainy season the swamp bordering the creek fills with water, offering a perfect spot for the various sorts of fish. This of course also attracts the spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) and the various raptors such as the black-collared hawk (Busarellus nigricollis).